About Us

A prime website of eBusiness Indya, Hyderabad, India, eBusinessUAE.com has been providing Email Marketing service and World Wide Email Database Service in the Middle East for the last 4 years. eBusinessUAE.com has more than 1500 clients which are highly satisfied with the service provided by eBusinessUAE.com. when using our platform to send Bulk Email, our clients have a distinct advantage over their competitors as they are using the most advanced Web based Email service straight from the convenience of their website..

eBusinessUAE.com offers World Wide Email Database and some of the latest Email tools including Web mail, personalized SMS, Tracking, Free HTML Template, scheduled messages, and an efficient 24/7 online support for all issues.

The mission statement of eBusinessUAE.com is to ensure that we can provide you with a quality Bulk Email System that will allow you to effectively accomplish your marketing strategy; increase your customer retention and product recall and achieve the bottom line of higher profits. It also ensures a better customer and staff relationship with your company.